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Letter Writing

Thanks to the generosity of well over 200 very generous people, almost every student attending St. Gabriel's School in Fontaine, Haiti is currently sponsored. We'd like to strengthen the connection between those students and their sponsors and a "letter writing" program would help build that connection. We're looking for a few people who would be willing to work together to make this happen. Would you be a part of that group?

Letters can be an important part of building the relationship between sponsors and sponsored students. They help form personal connections, tell students they're important, that good people out there care about them and want them to succeed. Words of encouragement in a simple note can have a positive, lasting effect on a student's self-confidence. The students, who have a deep appreciation for their sponsors, often mention receiving letters as one of their favorite things and enjoy learning about their sponsors.

Letters from students provide sponsors with insightful information about their sponsored student's life, both at home and at school.  It is important for the sponsor to know that their gift directly benefits a real person. Exchanging letters is a great way to learn about each other's families and cultures.

While some letters have already been exchanged between students and their sponsors, we would like to develop a more formal letter-writing program. For that to happen we need a small group of people willing to brainstorm and work towards that goal. The Friends of Fontaine would be honored by your willingness to help.  If you'd like help strengthen the connection between St. Gabriel's students and their sponsors, please contact me ( or by 

phone: 518.542.1175).


Fr. Dave Noone

Sarah Goh