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Many of us use the Internet and order things online. If that's you, consider becoming a member of iGive and a percentage of every purchase you make will be donated to St. Gabriel's in Fontaine, Haiti.

To become a member, go to and follow the simple instructions. When you see the question pertaining to your charity, click on Friends of Fontaine.  Then, when you place an online order, all you have to do is click on the iGive icon at the top of the page you are ordering from.  The company will automatically give a percentage of your purchase cost directly to the charity you have chosen.  To date,  iGive  has raised almost $9 million for 50,000 charities.

Using iGive is a very easy way to make a contribution to a not-for-profit group like the Friends of Fontaine without it costing you anything. Actually, you might be able to use some of the great discount coupons that companies offer only on the iGive site. 

Don't wait till tomorrow to sign up.  By tomorrow you might not remember to.


Sarah Goh