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Cabaret Report

In January, 2016 the Haitian State Education Department visited St. Gabriel's School in Fontaine, Haiti to conduct an evaluation review.  The review involved teachers' qualifications and classroom performance, administrative competency and curriculum evaluation. Recently, St. Gabriel's was officially notified that the school had passed the review, with colors.  St. Gabriel's has now been included in the list of schools officially recognized by Haiti's Ministry of Education.

Our hats off to Pierre-Louis and his staff for this significant accomplishment and our thanks to all who have faithfully supported St. Gabriel's, helping to make it a great School in Haiti, with special thanks to those who have been with this project from the very beginning.

Cabaret Report

The Friends of Fontaine, Inc. extends its sincere appreciation to ALL who helped organize, perform and attend the outstanding Benefit Concert held Sunday, May 1, at Siena College in Loudonville, New York.  The concert offered performances by the Siena College Chorus and other ensembles under the leadership of Prof. Timothy Reno. The superb talents of the students contributed to an event that was enthusiastically received by the audience.   The concert raised $2,500 for St. Gabriel's School in Fontaine, Haiti.

The willingness of the Siena College community to assist Friends of Fontaine, Inc. with its mission of supporting St. Gabriel's School and the community of Fontaine, Haiti through this Concert means much to all who believe in what St. Gabriel's School is doing and will continue to do for a small community in rural Haiti.  Special thanks  to all come from the school's Director, Pierre-Louis Joizil, a "Son of Siena." 

Sarah Goh