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2017 Buffalo Medical Mission (Part 3)

Dear Family and Friends,

The last day in Fontaine has been bittersweet. We have all been so thankful for the opportunity to serve here, but we have also been looking forward to getting home and reconnecting with our friends and families. Today was particularly difficult. We planned to see only 100 patients but by the end of the day we had seen 126. The overflow was mainly due to our translators seeking care. It was at once refreshing to interview patients who could answer our questions in English, but the fact that even those in the community who are fortunate enough to have access to education are still denied health care was heartbreaking. 

Our experience today hammered home the point that while we can contribute so much to the community during our weeklong stay in Fountain, much more needs to be done. We all look forward to working with Pierre-Louis and the Friends of Fontaine to establish a clinic here that can allow for the continuity of care that our service trips cannot provide and we hope that everyone can embrace their compassion for those less fortunate and do the same.


Elliot and the Haiti Crew


Sarah Goh