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2017 Buffalo Medical Mission (Part 2)

Good afternoon everyone,

We hope this finds you well. Today was our fourth day in clinic. We are having some issues with the Internet, so we are not really sure if this is reaching you. We apologize if we worried you, but know that we are safe and sound. It was a bit hectic in the morning today to re-setup the pharmacy, but we managed to see more people today than we have in the past three days. 

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We also were fortunate to work alongside Dr. Rodriguez, a Haitian doctor from a nearby city, as well as Eddy, the new community healthcare worker for Fontaine. (FOF/Buffalo secured the funding for Fontaine's new healthcare worker.) It is really sad that we are just getting in to the groove of things that we only have one day left. We have made many friends today during and after clinic. We also had some of the high school students that were interested in medicine assist us during clinic. At the end of clinic some of us along with some of the translators went mountain climbing Mont Pignon. A few of us headed to the river with some of the kids from the village. 

We ended the day with a wonderful dinner and amazing homemade cookies, and we were able reflect on the trip with Pierre Louis.  We also got to hear his story and that of Paulner, a student at St. Gabriel's Secondary School who will be graduating this June as part of Fontaine's first graduating class!  Paulner's goal is to go to medical school and ultimately return to Fontaine to establish a clinic, much in the same way that Pierre went away for his education and returned to Fontaine to establish the first secondary school in the area. Tomorrow is sadly our last day of clinic, it also looks like its going to be a long day because in addition to our new patients we will also be seeing returning patients to make sure that the medications are working for them. Pierre Louis will also be hosting a good bye party for us as well as some of the translators. We miss you all and we will be seeing you in a few days!


Fatima Elabass and the rest of the Haiti crew


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Sarah Goh