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Your Donation makes a Difference

$10 -  provide hot meals for a student for a month! $50 for a semester and $100 for a year.

$100 - Provide hot meals for a student for a whole year! Or gift a goat and support 3 students' hot meals for a month.


  1. One year's tuition for a student
  2. Funds to offset the cost of supplies, books and uniforms for students whose parents are unable to pay for them.
  3. Funds to establish a five days per week hot meal program
  4. Support for engaging community and cultural activities
  5. Teaching supplies, internet connection, chalkboards, and computer supplies 
  6. Funds to help underwrite teachers' salaries

*As a $300 sponsor you will receive the name, biographical information and picture of the student you are sponsoring along with regular updates from Friends of Fontaine

$1000 - Support 3 students for a whole year in food, supplies, tuition and receive a seat at our annual FOF banquet!

If there's something you are passionate about, tell us what you want your donation to go to below! All donations can be made through our paypal link or mailed to our address on the bottom of the page.

Sponsor, Donate, Make Change


If you would like your donation to go towards our medical missions, see our medical missions page or donate below

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